A Revolution of Values Through Religion (1991)


– by Ben Klassen, 1991

Examines all of the major and most of the minor religions of modern man, and exposes them for what they are – mostly Jewish frauds that serve to undermine the fighting spirit of the White Man and render him as docile as a beaten child. Also included are 24 chapters of “The Wildest Stories Ever Told”, exposing the Jewish ‘Holy’ Bible for what it is – a collection of sick and perverted fairy tales with no value to the modern world. How many Christians really even read the Bible? Read this book and find out why!

A Revolution Of Values Through Religion (Scan of First Edition – 24MB)

A Revolution Of Values Through Religion (PDF)

For more information about the one and only, true and revolutionary, White Racial Religion, CREATIVITY, please visit our main website at http://creator.org.

09. a-revolution-of-values-through-religion



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